Toni - Cathy Bernardino Bailey

Toni - Cathy Bernardino Bailey

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I started making these pieces and images during the COVID pandemic. Varying skin tones of the pieces represent the many colors of our community. The lack of mouth represents the times we just needed to put our head down and do whatever and not ask questions. The circles of the hair represent unity, wholeness, and overlapping them represent connection. The blending of all the colors and patterns reflects our differences but yet our connectivity, the many hats we had to wear to help each other, the variations of our collective skills that we had to have to survive the pandemic, and how COVID brought us closer together and deeper in our cultures. The sunglasses represent our coolness, because even in the pandemic we figured out how to have creative celebrations, virtual parties and weddings, and drive by graduation parties. The fabric is scraps of fabric that I had left over after making and donating over 1500 masks in 2020 to help those in need.


23.5" X 23.5" X 1"