Bromeliad - Sandra LaRose

Bromeliad - Sandra LaRose

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"Bromeliad" is a Sculptural Relief, Canvas on Canvas with acrylic paints applied - a unique merger of sculpture and painting. Constructed of layers of canvas, stitched to create a dimensional aspect, sealed with Gesso and modeling paste applied in multiple coats and then hand sanded. Layers of acrylic paint are applied to the entire piece, creating a flawless surface evoking fine marble. The artist has created unique works of art featuring flora in this painstaking method.

50" x 38" x 5"

About the Artist

Sandra LaRose has been creating art from an early age. The Michigan native began exhibiting at 18 in regional shows and local galleries - Studio 23, Midland Center for the Arts, Saginaw Museum of Art and Mid Michigan Junior College - all before completing any formal training. Obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Central Michigan University, Sandra appeared in several newspaper articles, highlighting her work in oils, acrylics, and stone. She exhibited in galleries and shows featuring hand weaving, fabric soft sculpture and canvas sculptural reliefs. 

A move to Boulder, Colorado in 1980 immediately sparked a period of artistic experimentation and growth, as she began seeking out new methods of expression and creative outlets in this vibrant art scene. Working in a bronze-casting foundry producing molds, casting and final preparation of bronze pieces for prominent artists including Glenna Goodacre, Ms. LaRose accepted invitations to exhibit at The Dairy Center, Colorado National Bank, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in public gallery spaces. Trading the mountains for the sea, Sandra spent several years in Sarasota, FL exhibiting her sculptural reliefs at The Art Center and Art Uptown. Now residing in Northern Kentucky, LaRose has several new works underway in various media.